Grass Reseeding In Idaho Falls

Grass Reseeding In Idaho Falls

Get Your Grass Looking Fuller & Healthier

idaho falls lawn mowingFor various reasons, grass can sometimes require a boost in growth. This may be due to poor maintenance or heavy foot traffic. One of the quickest and most efficient ways of accomplishing better lawn growth is by reseeding your grass. You will want to consider grass reseeding when your lawn begins to look:

  • Thin
  • Brown and dry
  • Patchy
  • Overgrown with weeds

At Simmons Sports & Services, we provide grass reseeding in Idaho Falls by putting down an extra layer of seed over your lawn, helping it become lush, consistent, and healthy again.

If you live in the north, the best time to reseed your lawn is in the fall. This is the perfect time for grass reseeding in Idaho Falls because the soil is still retaining the warmth from summer, while the air is beginning to cool for the approaching winter. This is also the time when weeds are becoming more sparse, meaning grass has less to compete with, and sunlight is more plentiful in the yard due to a diminished amount of leaves on the trees. Finally, diseases that are prone to be harmful to seedlings are less active this time of year.

If you are too late for autumn grass reseeding in Idaho Falls, then the next best time to reseed is during the spring.

idaho falls mowing servicesBefore reseeding your lawn, we will cut it evenly and slightly lower than normal, as well as making sure that it is thoroughly dethatched. The reason for doing this is that properly reseeding your lawn requires it to be loosened up so that all areas have plenty of room to breathe. Not only does this ensure seeds are spread evenly and consistently throughout your lawn, but that your lawn is able to receive the proper sunlight and nutrients the seeds require to grow.

Next, we will cover the low spots in the lawn with a thin layer of enriched soil, which further encourages grass growth and development.

Our experts as Simmons Sports & Services understand that proper Idaho Falls grass reseeding means getting the right kinds of seeds. This may vary depending on your property’s particular location and what specific problem your lawn is facing. For example, certain seeds tend to work better for lawns in the north, as they are able to grow better in shady environments. Our experts will determine the perfect seed for your lawn.

Next, we fill up the spreader with the grass seed, and apply the seed to your lawn.

Once the seeds are applied, it’s simply a matter of keeping your lawn healthy through regular watering and giving it the essential nutrients it requires for sustained growth.

idaho falls mowingOften times, reseeding your lawn is a straightforward way of promoting better lawn growth without having to tear up your yard. However, in some extreme cases, grass reseeding in Idaho Falls may require a complete replacement of your lawn, which means putting down entirely new seeds on entirely new soil. This is a last resort measure, as it involves completely starting over from scratch. This is only to be done if regular reseeding is impossible, which is generally when 60% or more of your lawn has died off.

Once the dead grass has been entirely removed, we will take all of the necessary measures to prepare the soil. This includes:

  • Grading
  • Leveling
  • Rock Raking
  • Rough Grade
  • Final Grade

Preparing the soil with soil conditioners, as well as starter fertilizers is often a wise idea, as this will ensure maximized grass growth. Starter fertilizers give grass seeds the required nutrition for better germination and proper health.

At Simmons Sports & Services, we take grass reseeding in Idaho Falls very seriously. Having a healthy and consistent lawn on a commercial property is imperative for attracting business and making your customers feel welcome. And having a beautiful lawn at home is an important factor in maintaining a happy and beautiful atmosphere for your family and friends. Your yard is important for your home and business in many ways, and we aim to give our customers the kind of lawns that make their properties feel like home. That is why we also provide grass seed instructions to our customers.

If you require grass reseeding in Idaho Falls, contact Simmons Sports & Services today!