Gravel Road Building In Idaho Falls

Gravel Road Building In Idaho Falls

Easier Travel In Rural Idaho

idaho falls dirt workGravel roads are an essential part of getting around in the more rural areas of Idaho Falls. People require them to access ranches, barns, sheds, and all kinds of different structures. That is why Simmons Sports & Services provides gravel road building in Idaho Falls, giving our customers easier access to the structures they require. We have all of the right equipment for the job, and will provide the compacted base course required for a long-lasting gravel road. Our experts know what to look for in determining the right kind of layers and construction materials that need to be used.

We also provide grading services, as well as secure camber, which helps with drainage. We can also construct drainage ditches and embankments to prevent flooding. When Idaho Falls gravel road building forgoes proper drainage, it can be difficult to maintain or rehabilitate these roads in the future. A good road requires that water can be drained off of its surface. Often times, maintenance teams have to deal with gravel road surfaces that have unnecessary problems, and it’s all due to having wet and weakened soil conditions below the road’s surface. Gravel roads generally have far less traffic than paved roads, but a road with plenty of drainage capacity will help to maintain its integrity for an even longer period of time, especially in Idaho Falls where weather conditions are often rainy and snowy. One of the most important structures to be involved in gravel road building in Idaho Falls is the roadside ditch, which should be constantly maintained in case of eroded soil and cleaned in case of garbage or debris buildup.

Cleaning up a roadside ditch can be a difficult task, requiring equipment such as loaders, excavators, trucks, and other heavy equipment. Fortunately, we have all of that, and are willing to provide this maintenance. In fact, during a dry period, this project may require nothing more than a grader.

When it comes to Idaho Falls gravel road building, Simmons Sports & Services has all of the right materials for the job. Materials that are frequently used in the construction of gravel roads include:

  • Crushed Stone
  • Sand
  • Fines (consisting of small clay or silt particles, often times smaller than 0.075 millimetres, which aid in binding)

idaho falls dirt gradingWe know the best kind of gravel to use for gravel road building in Idaho Falls, which includes gravel with a higher concentration of fines than gravel itself. This kind of material is often used as a sub-base for paved roads.

The ideal surface gravel consists of a stone percentage that is high enough to give strength and support, especially in consistently wet weather. Good surface gravel also requires a percentage of sand-sized particles that work to fill the spaces between the stones, giving the gravel road more stability.

At Simmons Sports & Services, you can count on us to provide all of the right material for a high quality and consistent gravel road.

Gravel Road Maintenance In Idaho Falls

Gravel road building in Idaho Falls is not something that is done without future maintenance in mind. This means the need to consistently uphold three basic structures:

  • A crowned driving surface
  • A shoulder area sloping away from the edge of the driving surface
  • A ditch

Our experts understand how to maintain these fundamental structures, knowing no matter where your gravel road is located, that without these basic structures, your gravel road will perform poorly even with a minimal amount of traffic.

Even well-build gravel roads have a tendency to rut, whether the conditions are dry or wet, and no matter how heavy or minimal the traffic is, gravel will begin to be displaced from the surface to the shoulder area over time. One of the most common reasons for gravel road problems is standing water, which can lead to the need for specialized equipment in order to perform the major reshaping required to bring the gravel road back to its ideal design and integrity.

Eventually, all gravel roads will require some form of maintenance. Fortunately, Simmons Sports & Services has all of the right people and equipment for the job.

If you require gravel road building or gravel road maintenance in Idaho Falls, contact us today!