How to Mow the Lawn

How to Mow the Lawn

Mowing the lawn may seem easy enough, but there’s actually a lot that goes into correctly doing it. If you have a big lawn, you may want to consider hiring someone for Idaho Falls lawn mowing service.

In general, you want to follow these lawn mowing tips from Simmons Sports & Services.

Make Sure Your Lawn Mower Is Ready To Use

Lawn mower cutting grass

If you’re going to be using a push mower, you’ll want to make sure that the mower blades are sharp. If they’re not, then your lawn won’t get cut evenly. Dull blades tear grass out in patches as well, so it’s important to keep your mower blades sharp.

You also want to check the oil and gas levels to ensure that the mower will run properly.

If you’re using a riding mower, you’ll still want to check the blades and fuel levels. In addition, you’ll want to check the tires to make sure they’re inflated properly.

Don’t mow if it has recently rained or the sprinklers were on — wet grass shouldn’t be mowed.

Clear the Lawn of Debris

Before you start mowing, you need to clear the lawn of any sticks, stones or other debris that could damage the blades of your lawn mower. You also don’t want to run over anything that could cause you to have to replace the blades — or worse, cause something to fly off and damage something else, be it an object or a person!

Using a Bag Vs. No Bag

Whether or not to use a bag when mowing the lawn is a personal preference. Some people prefer to use one because it collects all of the grass clippings, making for less work when it comes time to rake up and dispose of them. Others find that using a bag slows down the mowing process and opt not to use one. Some lawns can also use a bit of extra lawn clippings laying around for fertilization purposes.

Start Mowing

Now you’re ready to start mowing! Begin by mowing around the perimeter of the lawn first and then make your way back and forth in rows until the entire lawn is complete. Be sure to overlap each row slightly so that you don’t miss any spots.

Many lawn mowers have sections that measure off how much overlap you should do (about 2-3 inches).

Mow in a Straight Line

You should always mow in a straight line and then turn the mower around when you reach the end of the row. This will ensure that your lawn is cut evenly. If you start cutting in a curved line, then the grass will be shorter in some areas than others. A consistent mowing pattern is important when you cut grass.

Correctly Maneuver Around Objects (Trees, Bushes, etc.)

Be sure to slow down and take your time when you need to mow around trees, bushes, or any other objects. You don’t want to damage the blades of your lawn mower, and you certainly don’t want to damage the object itself!

If possible, try to avoid going over the same spot more than once. This will help ensure that your grass is cut evenly.

Don’t Forget to Edge

Once you’ve finished mowing the lawn, don’t forget to edge along sidewalks, driveways and flower beds. This will give your lawn a nice, clean look.

Clean Up Your Lawn After Mowing

Once you’re finished mowing, be sure to rake up any clippings or leaves that may have been left behind. You don’t want your lawn to be cluttered with debris.

And that’s it! Whether you have a riding lawn mower or a regular one, these simple tips will help you mow the lawn like a pro. Be sure to follow them and you’ll have a beautiful lawn in no time.

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