Idaho Falls Grass Reseeding Services

Idaho Falls Grass Reseeding Services

grass seedlingsOur innovative approach to grass seeding will leave you with results that beat hydroseeding and regular seeding. This professional lawn maintenance program includes grading, leveling, rock raking, rough grade, final grade and hauling in dirt if needed. Our proof is in the pictures. Our step by step instructions is a fool proof guide at your fingertips for how to care for your soft new lawn once it’s planted.

Every now and then, grass may need a bit of a boost to enhance its growth. There are a number of reasons this may be a requirement, such as heavy traffic on your lawn or lot, or poor maintenance in general.

We provide Idaho Falls grass reseeding services to help make your grass greener. Some signs that your grass may require our services include:

  • Thin grass
  • Brown, dry, brittle grass
  • Patchy grass
  • An overabundance of weeds

We can help by applying an extra layer of seed over your lawn. In no time, your lawn will begin to look healthy, lush, and consistent.

There are two times of the year in which Idaho Falls grass reseeding is ideal: spring and autumn. This service is also greatly enhanced when used in combination with lawn aeration services, as it will give your grass better access to water, air, and fertilizer, as well as providing better seed-to-soil contact.

Prior to our Idaho Falls grass reseeding services, we will cut your lawn evenly and slightly lower than normal. We will also make sure that it is thoroughly dethatched. The best results come from a lawn that is properly loosened up and consistently cut, so that all areas of the lawn have enough room to breathe. This guarantees that the seeds are spread out consistently and evenly over your lawn, and that it can have access to all of the sunlight, water, and nutrients it needs.

new green lawn - cool season grassesAfter that, we will make sure to cover all of the low spots with a thin layer of enriched soil. This will enhance the development and growth of your newly seeded lawn.

Depending on where your property is located, what specific problem you are facing, and some other factors, we will select the perfect grass seedlings for you. Some grass seeds are more appropriate than others depending on the situation, and our experts at Simmons Sports and Services know how to make the right selection.

Once the grass seed selection has been made, we will fill up the spreader and apply it to your lawn. After that, it’s simply a matter of properly maintaining your lawn by regularly watering it, and providing it with the essential nutrients required for its long-term health. Pretty soon, you will start to see a lawn that is strong, healthy, and aesthetically appealing.

Generally, Idaho Falls grass reseeding is easy and straightforward, however, there are some extreme cases in which we need to replace your lawn entirely. This involves putting down new grass seedlings on new soil. This is typically a last resort when normal grass reseeding just isn’t possible. We will remove all of your dead grass. Once that is done, we will begin preparing the soil, which involves:

  • Grading
  • Leveling
  • Rock raking
  • Rough grade
  • Final grade

lawn grow thicker with new grass seedlingsSimmons Sports and Services ensures healthy, beautiful, and consistent lawns for both homes and businesses alike. A good looking green lawn on commercial property is crucial for attracting business. It is also important for making your property feel more like a home. Basic lawn care maintenance and frequent light watering will ensure our lawn seeding work evolves into mature grass. As your newly seeded lawn continues to grow, weed control, frequent watering and other maintenance measures are needed so that it becomes a healthy lawn.

If you require Idaho Falls grass reseeding services, contact us today!