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Dirt Work — Idaho Falls

top excavation contractors in state st shelleySimmons Sports & Services has the equipment and Idaho Falls excavation contractors to accomplish the dirt work projects you need completed on your commercial or residential property.

Simmons is available to dig trenches for phone, cable, and electrical lines in addition to digging ponds and many other things. We can also level land or fill low areas with topsoil to prepare the property for landscaping projects.

We are equipped with various excavators that have all the capabilities to provide the best in tractor work, along with the excavating contractors who know how to operate them.

If you’re looking for excavation services in Idaho Falls, give us a call and request a quote today! Don’t let dirt work hold up your next project. 

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New Home Yard Construction

There’s a lot that goes into building a new home, especially the yard. The soil should be level and packed so it can support your foundation.

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Lawn Preparation

If you’re installing a new lawn, it’s important that the soil is worked and compacted to support healthy growth.

Lawn Seeding

Need your lawn re-seeded? We can help by aerating and re-seeding your lawn with a quality seed mix.

Horse Arena Building

Popular in Idaho Falls and surrounding areas, an arena is an excellent way to keep your horses out of the weather and entertained.

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Grading / Leveling

There are many reasons to grade or level your property. We typically do this for burying utility lines, creating a driveway, building a garden area, etc.

Haul topsoil Spread / Gradeout

Our tractors can haul and lay out topsoil for you. We can also grade, smooth and level your dirt for a great finished product.

Berm Building

People in Idaho Falls need berm building for a number of reasons: retaining walls, erosion control, property lines, driveways, etc.

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Landscaping / General Dirt Work

For all of your large-scale excavation projects, Simmons can help. We also do flat work such as driveways, ponds, and building pads.


Pond Dirt Work Building

Need to install a pond? We can do the dirt work necessary for you to have a awesome pond.

General Landscaping & Dirt Work

excavation contractor business company - bbb rating county lineAll of the services above can be accomplished in our tractor work and dirt work in Idaho Falls, ID. We offer landscaping and excavating service for all of your large-scale projects.

Dirt work and landscaping is some of the most difficult manual labor you can do. Fortunately, we have the tractors and excavators needed to complete the job. We’ve been doing this kind of work for a long time, and we know what we’re doing. Call us today to see how we can help you with your landscaping and dirt work.

It all starts with an initial consultation—something you can do by filling out the form on this page. From there, we will get in touch with you to discuss your landscaping or dirt work needs and set up a time for us to stop by and take a look at what needs to be done. We offer free estimates because we want you to know exactly how much everything will cost before we start working. Once we have an accurate estimate, we’ll give you a call and let you know when we’re ready to get started. 

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