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Simmons Sports & Services provides a variety of irrigation system services for residential and commercial properties, including main line installation, big gun irrigation, head gate install and Culverts install.

Main Line Installation

new sprinkler system installationWater mains are the lifeblood of any building or business. They convey water from the city’s public water supply to your tap, faucet and everything else you might use in a home for cooking & cleaning purposes—as well as sprinklers in a sprinkler system.

Working with water mains can be a difficult and complicated process. We will first need to dig up a section of soil, which we want as the foundation for this project. We then pour sand or gravel into it so that it doesn’t shift while we work on top.

Before excavation, we take a number of factors into account before beginning this process, including soil type and composition as well as local environmental restrictions like ground frost and water conditions.

Trench depth and width are also important—the former depends on things like climate and pipe size, while the latter is more dependent on minimum depth and minimum requirements for the external loading on the pipe. 

Once the excavation is done and the the bedding is laid out, we do everything required to connect the main line and ensure it’s secured in place before further securing it by covering it back up with soil.

Big Gun Irrigation

Portable big gun systems are a must for any crop that needs to be irrigated. They’re typically used on tall, tough-to-move plants such as cane sugar and corn. To achieve reasonable patterns you’ll need the larger water capacities with higher operating pressures needed from these types of devices.

We do all of the excavation work with mini excavators, lay the bedding, and install the pipe so you don’t have to.

Culverts Installation

Seems easy enough right? Just lift those pipes in, set them on those stones and fill those gaps with sand.

Well, it’s not as easy as you think.  

There’s a process that must be followed to ensure the safety of everyone involved with this work. It is better to have a professional who knows about weight distributing over uneven surfaces do this type of work rather than trying to take on all of your hard work yourself. A proper job will save you time and money because there won’t be any unnecessary damage done to surrounding areas or equipment from improperly placed culverts.

Why Hire Simmons Sports & Services for Irrigation Services?

sprinkler systems and lawn sprinkler repair as part of overall lawn irrigation services

We’ve had a lot of experience in irrigation when it comes to excavation work. We know our stuff.

Work is guaranteed, so you can rest assured that your landscape will be taken care of properly.

We take pride in our work and go above and beyond to exceed all expectations.

And believe us when we say, you’ll spend less money than if you took on this project yourself, which more often than not yields subpar results.

Drainage systems can last a lifetime when done properly. Trust Simmons Sports & Services for Irrigation Installation!

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