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Idaho Falls Lot Clean Up

Want to get your property looking good again? We can help you! If you own an empty lot that is overgrown with weeds, grasses, sage brush, rogue trees, or even old construction waste, Simmons Sports & Services offers lot clean up services in Idaho Falls. No job is too big!

With our state-of-the-art equipment we can get things cleaned up fast and professionally. We can haul off debris and clean up that old junk pile filled with broken concrete and other refuse.

Our Idaho Falls lot clean up services are rapid and professional, often able to be completed within a day or two, depending on the scope of the job. Before work begins, we will cover all costs and requirements needed to ensure you get the best service available. In addition to lot clean up services in Idaho Falls, we also offer excavation services to get that clean lot ready for a swimming pool, trampoline, or a basement for a new home. If you need it, we can do it.

Check out the before and after pictures, you’ll be amazed at the difference!

The large lots in Idaho Falls often accumulate a lot of trash, debris, and tumbleweeds, and become overgrown with nasty weeds and even rogue trees. A poorly maintained lot can lead to all kinds of problems. People often see these lots as places to dump their garbage, and all kinds of pests can accumulate as a result. 

Simmons Sports and Services provides Idaho Falls lot clean up to make your lot look as good as new again. We will make sure your property is returned to its original state. Over the years, we’ve seen it all. There isn’t a job that’s too big for us too handle. Need lot clean up for a single acre lot? How about a hundred acres? Just contact us and we will get to work. 


We Provide Lot Cleanup for

  • Acreage
  • Commercial properties
  • Ranches
  • Farms
  • Construction sites
  • Vacant lots for home builder and land developer property

Leave it to the experts

We have the experts you can rely on. Our technicians are well trained and experienced with all of the equipment required for the job. 

We can take care of: 

  • Plant material
  • Old construction materials and waste
  • Broken concrete
  • Old junk
  • Debris
  • Garbage

And anything else you need removed. Our Idaho Falls lot clean up is fast, efficient, and thorough. Generally speaking, we can get the work completed within a day or two. Simmons Sports and Services believes in communication with our clients. Before we begin, we will make sure to explain all of the costs and services involved in what we do. 

We don't stop there

Once all of the heavy lifting is complete, and the objects and debris covering your lot have been hauled away, we can get started on mowing

A properly mowed lot comes with a number of benefits: 

  • You can host recreational activities, family reunions, weddings, and other activities.
  • Construction becomes far easier on a clean, low cut lot.
  • There are less areas for illegal garbage dumpers and trespassers to hide. A clean, spacious lot is far less attractive to these types of people than one that is messy and overgrown.
  • The risk of fires is greatly reduced.
  • There is less of a chance for pests like large spiders and insects, snakes, rats, and other pests to accumulate. When these pests make their way into your lot, it’s only a matter of time before they start making their way into your home!

We've done it all

Simmons Sports and Services has plenty of experience mowing down even the toughest weeds and other forms of plant material. Over the years, we’ve pretty much dealt with everything under the sun. 

Some common material we mow include: 

  • Crabgrass
  • Morning Glory
  • Oxalis/Yellow Wood Sorrel
  • Prostrate Spurge
  • Tumbleweeds
  • Rogue Trees
  • Sagebrush

We'll handle it

If you’re having a problem with it, chances are we’ve taken care of it many times before. It doesn’t matter how thick, tall, or numerous it is, we have all of the right equipment and machines for the job, and the experts who know how to operate them. 

If you need Idaho Falls lot clean up, contact Simmons Sports & Services today!

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