Pasture Work

  • Re level (land leveling)
  • Re-seeding
  • Overseeding
  • Dike building
  • Fertilizing
  • Harrowing
  • Spraying
  • Mowing
  • Ditch cleaning / digging
  • Disking
    Highspeed | Large or small jobs
  • Plowing
  • Ripping

Pasture Services — Idaho Falls

For commercial and residential properties, Simmons Sports & Services offers all of the pasture work you need.

Whether you need to use excavators, tractors, mowers, and other large vehicles to get heavy work done, clean up pastures, seed pastures, dig ditches, landscape, or fertilize, you can count on us to do the job.

Re-level (land leveling)

Land leveling is done to flatten areas of land that are uneven. These areas may be near building foundations, along the sides of fields, or in many other locations.

Land leveling is also essential when trying to incorporate new equipment into farmland.

Simmons Sports & Services can use our excavators and tractors to get rid of problem spots in your pastures. We’ll even sow different grass species for you depending on your area’s soil type and sun exposure.


Re-seeding is the process of planting new grass on open ground that is currently bare of vegetation.

If your pastures are overgrown with weeds and your grass has become sparse, we can use our mowers to cut the whole area down and then plant new grass in the area.


Overseeding is the process of planting new grass within an existing pasture that already contains vegetation.

If your pastures lack nitrogen and your old grass has become thin and patchy, we can overseed with a special type of grass designed to increase both nitrogen content and density.

Dike building

When it comes to Idaho Falls pasture work, many people need dike building for their pastures.

Creating dikes is important for preventing flooding. We do this by using our excavators to dig out the area where the dike is needed, backfill it with soil/sand, and fill in low areas with dirt and other fill materials.


Need your pasture fertilized? We can do that too. We typically use a liquid nitrogen fertilizer for pasture fields.


Pasture harrowing is used to make sure the manure and soil is evenly distributed. This ensures that it won’t be weedy or overgrown. We use our tractors with harrowing blades for this job, which can also level roads and driveways as well as other appropriate surfaces found on your property.


Pasture spraying is used to keep weeds and other pests in check.

We use a herbicide, which kills all plants it comes into contact with (after the grass/weeds take hold), including any undesired trees or bushes.


Mowing pastures is something we do a lot. Our Idaho Falls pasture work crews mow the grass in order to make sure growth is uniform and weed free. This helps improve turf quality and makes it look better.

Ditch cleaning / digging

Many Idaho Falls ditches need cleaning and digging/re-shaping due to our strong winds and the debris that accumulates in these areas. We often use an excavator for this trenching work.


Pasture disking in Idaho Falls involves using a large machine with discs to break up and level the soil of your pasture. This is done in order to remove any undesirable grasses or plant life in a pasture and provide a fresh, clean environment for new seed.


Pasture plowing can be done by using a tractor or an excavator. This Idaho Falls pasture work involves mowing weeds down and breaking up the soil to allow new seed growth in your pasture land.


Idaho Falls pasture ripping is necessary to provide a clean seed-bed for new growth in your pasture. This is done by using a large machine with wedge-shaped blades to cut into the soil and break it up.

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