Spring Landscaping Projects

Spring Landscaping Projects

As the snow begins to melt and Idaho Falls residents look forward to sunny spring weather. We’re gearing up for the various landscaping projects and other Spring property maintenance task that need to be completed soon.

Our winters are typically long, harsh and frigid. It can take some serious yard work and landscaping to bring your property back to its optimal condition.

We serve both residential and commercial areas in Idaho Falls and surrounding areas. Here are some of the spring related jobs that we typically take on.

Lot Clean Up

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This is a big one in Idaho Falls. Our strong winds tend to push garbage, dead plants and debris into areas like lots, fields and roadsides. If this has to be done in the spring time it’s even more important than usual to collect any garbage left around. This reduces the likelihood of animals using these areas as their homes. Which prevents them coming into your yard and property. It also gives us clean up crews less to deal with when we’re trying to get our lots cleared.

Ditch Digging

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We all know that this is often necessary in order to replace old pipe systems. As long as there is access for us to get in, we can take care of your ditch digging needs. With excavators and tractors for large scale dirt work, we can get your area prepared for whatever you want it ready for.


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Maybe you realized some time in the fall that your lawn wasn’t looking its best—dry, patching areas or simply thin and unhealthy grass. If that’s the case, then spring is the best time for Idaho Falls reseseding in order to bring your lawn back to its optimal health and appearance.

This is also often associated with new construction projects. If you’re building new lots or fields, then reseeding might be necessary. This is just one way that the lot can look its best when finished.

There’s always a risk of erosion at certain times throughout the year, but seeding is an excellent method of restoring your lawn or play area so it looks brand new again!

Pasture Work

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From reseeding and overseeding to dike building and fertilization, you can rely on Simmons Sports & Services for high quality pasture work in Idaho Falls. We have the excavators, tractors and technicians to get virtually any pasture work project done quickly and efficiently.

Spring Landscape

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Spring is the best time to get your landscape in shape for another growing season. With the help of a landscape professional like Simmons, you can have a clean lot ready for whatever comes your way in the spring. We can even remove all of the garbage that may be on your land by this time of year.

Even if your pond or water feature needs work, we can help with that too! Depending on how large your project is, it may make sense to get started right away so everything will be complete before planting season begins again. Need future maintenance? Our lawn service, landscape designer and maintenance schedule remains consistent—just contact us!

Providing the tractor work and excavation Idaho Falls residents need we offer free estimates and will complete your project in a timely manner, so call us at (208) 681-0679 or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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