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Trish G.

You couldn’t ask for a better person to do what you need to have done. Cory is very diligent and has an amazing work ethic and is more than willing to do what needs to be done to make his customers happy. He has done so many different things for me over the years and this property looks better and better with each job that is done. Huge thank you to Cory and Dalton for their recent job here as the effort and end result is so incredibly wonderful to see!

Judy Oliphant

Excellent work and work ethic. They have an eye for what looks good. They are willing to accommodate our out-of-the-norm plans. I recommend them to anyone who needs work done at a fair price (definitely cheaper than buying your own equipment to accomplish the job). Thank you, Cory.

Art T.

A hard working honest guy who does what he says he will for the price he said.

Nathan H.

I had hired other people and none of them could get it right. Cory got it perfect the first time. I should have hired him first. He is amazing at what he does.

Mindy Hussey

Amazing to work with! Unbelievably professional and the work is top notch!

Jason Seay

Great company great people made my troubles not a trouble thanks again

Jason Aikele

You couldn’t ask for a more trustworthy, upstanding company! They give you a fair price and are up front and honest with their prices, they don’t try to scam you or pull a fast one on you as the customer. If you hire them to do the job, you can guarantee the work will be done on time and in a very professional manner.

David Pancheri

These guys do incredibly high quality work, their pasture prep work is the best I have ever seen and their stands are thick and lush. They don’t cut corners and are very professional.

Lani VanderBeek

Excellent work! When I have ANY outside work that involves tractors or heavy equipment, I check with Cory first. And he can usually do it. Snow removal, gravel work, stump removal (including hauling off a ton of stuff too heavy for us). Sterilizing ground to prevent weeds. And that is not even touching all the farm type tractor work he does. You can’t go wrong with this guy!

Kasey Mathews Kunz

Cory does amazing work and pays close attention to details. He takes pride in his work and gets the job done correctly! Great company!!

Darby Probert

These guys did a great job on our yard! They were timely, efficient and overall did an awesome job on transforming our yard.

Abby Hansen

They did an amazing job on our yard! There isn’t a single rock left! We are greatly impressed by the hard work and end result! Great Quality!

S. Daybell

Cory did a fantastic job and was fair with the price. We had him remove the sage and clear the land around our property and haul it away. Cory was prompt, thorough and fair. We’ll have him back to do more work when we are ready to landscape.

J. Jaksan

We initially contacted Cory to cut our weeds after a nearby brush fire. He was able to cut 1.5 acres of 2-3 foot prairie grass, maneuver around several sage brush bushes, in about 3 hours. It was such a relief. We then asked him to plow out some old grass and grade our yard in preparation for a new yard. It was so smooth and beautiful when he was done. It did not take very long either. While our yard is flat, there was some dirt that needed to be moved due to a bad previous grading job. Cory was patient with our requests to keep moving dirt until it was exactly what we wanted. Even our landscape crew mentioned it was the best grading they had ever seen. Professional, timely and knowledgeable. Thanks Cory!

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