Idaho Falls Weed Control

Idaho Falls Weed Control

We are licensed and insured spray applicators. Our weed control services will keep your lawn lush and healthy. We can spray in vacant lots, pastures and subdivisions. We’ll get rid of your unwanted weeds! Specializing in applying ground sterilant and fall fertilization as well.

Throughout those precious warm months in Idaho Falls, people love the changes in the landscape that they experience. Flowers, green grass, and blossoming trees bring a sense of life to the world again. However, this comes at somewhat of a cost, as with this life comes a variety of weeds, which can be a nightmare for home and business owners alike.

Many people fail to adequately prevent weeds from emerging on their land, as the process of doing so can be time consuming, or it may just slip their minds entirely.

When your land is becoming overrun with harmful, unsightly weeds, choose us for the Idaho Falls weed control that you need. We also offer a wide variety of tractor services for related projects as well!

Over the years, we’ve seen it all, and you can rely on our experts to know which chemical to use on which weed at the right time, without causing harm to the surrounding plant life that you want kept alive. Whether it’s a pasture, field, subdivision, or vacant lot, you can rely on our experts to take care of those pesky weeds for you.

Our weed control services include:

  • Post-emergent Weed Control: This form of Idaho Falls weed control kills off weeds after they’ve manifested on your land. We will apply an herbicide to your weeds that will kill off virtually any kind of weed or harmful grass you might have. This method kills weeds primarily by interrupting certain processes such as photosynthesis, protein production, and root growth. Our post-emergent weed control services will clear up even the toughest and most stubborn weeds in no time.
  • Pre-emergent Weed Control: This process prevents weeds and unwanted grasses from germinating, stopping them before they can grow. Our pre-emergent weed control services will keep your landscape weed-free throughout the entire spring and summer.
  • Selective Herbicides: These target specific kinds of weeds through the identification of certain enzymes or plant chemicals.
  • Non-selective Herbicides: These will kill virtually any plant, which is why we use them exclusively for spot treatment.
  • Total Vegetation Herbicides: These herbicides not only kill plants, but also sterilize the ground for a certain period of time.

Some Commons Weeds That Our Idaho Falls Weed Control Services Will Take Care Of

  • Rush Skeletonweed—This is a perennial weed from Eurasia that can grow about four feet tall. This weed includes a taproot that’s twice that length. It produces yellow flowers in early summer. This weed spreads like wildfire. A single plant can product 20,000 seeds.

  • Eurasian Water-milfoil—This weed lives in ponds, lakes, and slow moving rivers. A slender plant with feather-like leaves, this weed can reproduce in a number of different ways, making it difficult to control.

  • Yellow Starthistle—With a stiff, upright stem and yellow flower, this is a member of the sunflower family that can last a long time, often staying alive long after other annual plants have died off. When horses eat these plants, they can end up developing “chewing disease”, ruining their ability to eat or drink.